Well didn't win but still i am so exited about the next season of fairy tail and i am gonna try to watch the movie if it released in my country

i love from of them.My favourite moment is when natsu and igneel met again and i think that was an awesome moment, epic and that has been waited along all the manga/anime

Tail I loved it from the very beginning even though it has had it's up and downs I will continue to love it and will continue to be my favorite manga

I love Fairy Tail it give me a lot of good things.I have cried ,I have laugh ,It makes me happy when It was depressed Fairy Tail was my favorite manga and anime of my life

I just LOVE Fairy Tail!โค
I think it's not to mich to das it made something with me and it will stay in my mind and heard forever.
And sure everyones talking about that Fairy Tail is endning because it's in its last arc. But Guys we are the fandom and so we are Fairy Tail. And as long as we remind this Fairy Tail will never end ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†

That's my way about feeling for Fairy Tail.

I love Fairy Tail so much ๐Ÿ’“
The story is interesting, warm, and always touch my feeling.
I and Natsu have motion sickness,
that make me love Mashima Hiro's work more.
I can't believe this amazing work get ending chapter soon. But I'll always suport and accept Mashima Hiro's decision. Hope this series get happy ending. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

I'm obsessed with . I love the characters, the plot, everything about it. When I started watching it, I didn't think that I'm going to enjoy going to continue watching it but I did! I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!๐Ÿ’žI'm hoping that I'll win but if I didn't, congrats to the winner and please PLEEEAASSSEEE take care of it!

is my favorite anime
if I will get a chance to win this prize but if I don't win I congratulates the winner.

I am just one of the hundreds perhap millions/thousands of FT fans. My reason is very indifferent to them. I love . No, We love Fairy Tail. If ever I got picked, then thank you very much, and this will forever be memorable for me. Just knowing that many fans responded to this (like me) makes me very happy.

is one of the greatest anime I have watched and one of the most memorable. I can always go bacj ro look at scenes and fights and never get bored... heck even watch the whole anime over. This is an anime i will never forget and always come back to.

isn't just another anime but something I truly love, it brought me so much happiness and I really cherished the sad moments when characters had to die for the greater good. I hope this show never ends but I really wish I could have a chance to win not just for me but for my friend, the look on her face when someone mentioned Fairytail. It was such a cheerful look. And for once I want to be the one to make her smile just like that.

Is the first anime I've ever watch,I love the plot, character, design and the theme. It always give me the chills that everyone wanted on a adventure anime. The theme is perfect, it's always about the will to live and friendship. When I know the manga is ending, I were really sad and thought that was a fake news but at last I accept it and it took almost two weeks to make me stop thinking about it. I was wishing Dragon Cry will air in my country!

is my very first anime and I just can't find the words to express my feelings :') I love every single character and I love the messages. Sometimes I rewatch my favourite episodes and just feel better (ใฃห˜ฯ‰ห˜ฯ‚ ) I was waiting for Dragon Cry since the news came out (but I still didn't watch it T_T) โค

is the very first anime I'm addicted with. No kidding i love this anime so much ๐Ÿ’• My support for FairyTail is endless ๐Ÿ’• I have a FairyTail Page. I make fanfiction of it. ((Although didn't update yet lol)) honestly I don't want FairyTail to end just yet~ but it's ending ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Waiting for an update every week~ I LOVE
THIS ANIME SO MUCH ๐Ÿ’• everytime I watched the episode where Aquarius died. I cried ๐Ÿ’” my heart breaks everytime.


means the world to me. Every character is my friend, someone I can laugh with! Fairy Tail is where I go when real life is tough. They teach me so many lessons that help me to keep moving forward! Thank you, Fairy Tail!!!!!!!

People might think I am crazy even my parents does due to my sudden tear and outburst of laughter due to what Fairy Tail gave me, Fairy Tail was first introduce to me by my old friend classmate but since then I never noticed that I was so attached to the anime that I literally shout " I wish they we're real ". Fairy Tail has thought us to value many things and one of them is friendship. Thank You Hiro Mashima for Fairy Tail.

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This manga makes me cry and simle I have fun and I feel depressed but when I know that Mashima have more proyects I was so happy

If I have to be honest, Fairy Tail is the best anime I've ever watched. So I started to watch it every day. I laughed, smiled, cried and got angry because of the villain characters. I loved it so much and watched it so much and it felt like I was a part of the guild and their family. It's really worth it to watched. A lot of adventures, characters with interesting stories, comedy, plot, and the best of all their friendship and family.

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The reason I love Fairy Tail is because its my first anime and its really funny and heartwarming! The story line is really great. It has many cool,badass, and beautiful characters.It gave me a lot of inspiration. It makes me realise the need to protect your family and friends in times of need. To never fear because you have your friends and family by your side, and never give up till the last second.

is our all time favorite and breather. I started watching Fairy tail several years ago (2011) back then I was always hyped while waiting it to be aired in our local TV network, like I am part of the story and my day isn't complete without watching it. I created several friends talking about how cool Natsu is and how adorable Lucy is.